Maddie McCann: Miracles Don’t Happen

meIt’s about six months now since little Maddie McCann disappeared without trace from her parents’ holiday apartment in Praia da Luz. Six months is a long time and unless you have an extra faith and confidence gene in your biological make-up the logical conclusion would be that she is now dead. It’s extremely unlikely that -as some have reported- Maddie has actually been seen in Morocco, Belgium, Spain or anywhere else. I rule out Morocco because no childless Moroccan woman would, in desperation, snatch a northern European, blonde toddler who chats only in English and would, in a Berber village, stand out a mile.


For the same reason I don’t believe that a paedophile would have taken her to North Africa. It’s not the sort of place where deviant sexual tastes are allowed to flourish, is it? As for sightings in Spain, Belgium or Malta, I remember when Elvis for years after his death kept turning up in shopping malls, supermarket checkouts and petrol station forecourts. People tend to see what they want to see. So, unless she’s been stolen to order on behalf of a white, English speaking childless couple in, say, Washington DC (and, with hair dyed dark, made unrecognisable) we might as well start operating on the premise that Madeleine is no longer in the land of the living. The fact that, so far, no body has been found should not sustain false hope; a dead girl is much easier to hide than a live one.

Which brings me to the McCanns. While, on one level, I find it utterly impossible to believe that either parent had anything directly to do with Maddy’s disappearance, on another I’m dumbfounded by the fact that two apparently intelligent people have, through their subsequent behaviour, managed to arouse the suspicions not only of the Portuguese police but also of a hitherto understanding, commiserating public. British opinion polls show that domestic support for the McCanns, once almost universal, is now down to as little as 50 percent. In other words: for every person who is sympathetic towards them there’s another who feels they know more than they let on. The McCanns’ choice of an active media campaign and an almost manic courting of publicity is beginning to look to many peope as a ‘flight forward’: something like “so long as we blind everyone with TV appearances, appeals, fundraisers, adverts, photographs of the poor child and images of Kate clutching a cloth rabbit we may stave off public scrutiny of our own role in the affair.” Whether the parents actually played a role in the disappearance of Maddie I’ve no idea, but the fact that their behaviour doesn’t follow the expected pattern of panic, grief and eventual resignation to the inevitable (i.e. Maddie’s not coming back) is a cause for worry.           

Another reason for worry is, of course, the fact that the Maddie disappearance has been blown up into a global cause celèbre, whereas each day hundreds of children around the world vanish without attracting much attention at all. The amount of money raised to fund the McCann’s search for their child and their defence against any future charges is unprecedented. I’m not concerned about the large amounts donated by captains of industry and other celebrities; £100,000 -as in the case of Richard Branson- buys you a favourable mention on the front pages and seems well worth it. Lots of other publicity-hungry celebs jumped on the same bandwagon with great alacrity. But I feel for the ordinary people who, out of the kindness of their hearts, made smaller gifts of money they could ill afford. To see that frittered away on £300-an-hour lawyers, flights up and down Europe for all the family, newspaper and TV adverts and billboards, following up on spurious sightings and the occasional mortgage payment on a £300,000 house is sad indeed.   Of course, if Maddie McCann turns up alive tomorrow I’ll have to eat my words. But I don’t expect to have to, merely because the girl’s immediate family profess to know she’s not dead. A few days ago, after six (6) months of fruitless campaigning and fundraising, the McCanns on their website still spoke to us from cloud-cuckooland: “We know in our hearts that Madeleine is still out there, alive, confused and aching to be returned to her family where she belongs.”  

In other words: keep the money rolling in, folks, we’ll decide when enough is enough.


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  1. 1

    Kish hahn said,

    Absolutely correct Robert ! I frankly don’t believe them ! They (as doctors have access to drugs ) may have oversedated her- who knows ! Excellent blog !! Kish

  2. 2

    jessica booker said,

    bring maddie MCcann home

  3. 3

    1alberich1 said,

    Jessica, I want this to happen as much as anyone, but can you really see it?

  4. 4

    Ellie44 said,

    Ive been thinking. Is it true that the McCanns tried to give custody of Maddie to a relative before they went on holiday?
    Were they short of cash? They used some of the Fund money for mortgage payments so sound short of cash to me.
    Could they have done a Sharon Matthews? Has it all been a scam for cash? Is this why they show no emotion? Is this why they set up the Fund and are always going on about raising cash?
    Funnily enough Kate and Gerry are now on the board of the Fund, mmm dodgy. Anyway, what’s has the Fund spent nealry 2 million on? Nothing I think, its gone straight into there back pocket.
    Do they know where Maddie is? Have we all been fooled? Yes I think the answer is YES – we’ve been had!

  5. 5

    val said,

    I think your blog sums up very well the thoughts of most sensible people and
    they have milked the public and Press dry.

    i hope the tables are turned and Amaral does sue the McCanns and the British

  6. 6

    Mollie said,

    I absolutely agree with you.The fund has only ever been about one thing and that is to cover the backs of the McCanns and their cronies (only just over 13% has been spent on *apparently* trying to find Maddie). Nothing they have ever done rings true. All the investigators they have employed e.g. Metodo3 have been third rate – why – if there was more than enough money in the fund to pay for world class experts? It seems that every time something happens which is unfavourable to them they come up with smokescreen stories to divert our attention. The latest example of this is the publication of Snr. Amaral’s book and his documentry on TV which blows their abduction theory out of the water and highlights the inconsistencies of their ever changing version of events. As soon as these were in the public domain the McCanns feed us garbage about pimply, ugly men hanging around the apartment who they are convinced abducted Maddie and then – no – it wasn’t him , it was a known British paedophile who lived about 100 miles away and who was dying of cancer in Germany. They and Clarence Mitchell are pathetic. Maddie deserves better from people who she trusted to look after her.

  7. 7

    Beattie said,

    Well, another two years have passed since this excellent blog, still no sign of
    Madeleine. In the meantime the McCanns have spent more time taking people to
    Court than searching for their Daughter. They have successfully gagged Amaral and
    robbed him of the ability to earn money and fed countless red herrings to the Public.

    What happened to Amaral brings shame on the Portugese Court, the excellent
    DVD just showed how impossible it would have been for Madeleine to be abducted
    and he did not name the Parents as suspects. The Documentary the McCanns
    commissioned for the second Anniversary was pathetic, more like happy families.
    Also the American actress hired to play Kate wasted her time because the sequence
    could not be filmed due to “inconsistencies in Kate”s version of events.

  8. 8

    lcd said,

    Ah, the land of the free!
    You have the right to free speech as long as you speak English.

    best regards, Greg

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