Maddie McCann: This Thing Must Stop

4044ba60f29bcd153cb2e8.jpgStrange or what? I now have to confess that my Christmas would get a real lift if little Maddie McCann suddenly turned up alive in a sled drawn by six reindeer, with a happy smile on her face and the world’s TV cameras in attendance. If that happened and there was a global fundraiser to buy the toddler a Ferrari Testarossa, a night of passion with David Beckham (to be delivered not before 2020 of course!) and all the marshmallows she can eat I would cheerfully chip in a few euros. And believe me: I’m not given to chipping in lightly.

Unfortunately I know with almost total certainty that I will be able to keep my money in my pocket and that my seasonal joy will have to be drawn from the knowledge that Christmas is going to be over by Thursday and life will return to its normal state. Yes, there’s still the hurdle of New Year’s Eve to overcome (why celebrate when, as every year before it, 2008 is going to be the world’s worst year ever?) but I’m already looking forward to the next eleven months and three weeks of ill will to all men. In other words: I’m not a fan of the ‘festive’ season; that time of year when, ostrich-like, people put their heads in the sage and onion stuffing, pretending that everything that seems bad is about to take a turn for the better, that old hatreds can be forgotten and that a free meal of turkey slices, Brussels sprouts and cranberry compote will see the homeless through to next December. Give me a choice between false, hyped-up cheer and genuine, comfortable gloom and I know what I’ll pick every time.

Funny thing is: I say this as a generally pretty contented person, with no major worries, a happy home life and a cold six-pack in de fridge. So what I cannot for the life of me understand is why the parents of Maddie McCann are having a Christmas at all.  I would have thought that, to a family plunged into the darkest fear and despair, haunted day and night by unspeakable images of what may have become of their darling little daughter, the very thought of Christmas trees, carol singing, angelic messages of peace and joy -let alone intrusive, round the clock media attention- would be anathema. Yet here we are: expensive detectives, retained with your money, having made no progress whatsoever (trust me on this!) suddenly start talking in terms of Maddie’s possible return home by Christmas. “We’ve got a pretty good idea who took her and where she is being held…..there may be an arrest soon.” Not now, you sucker. Not if she was taken by British paedophiles who read the papers.

And then came the McCanns themselves. Aware that they’re spending your hard-earned dough as if tomorrow will never come they felt it best to rein in the hired gumshoes a little, lest the inevitable public disappointment come Boxing Day might lead to a reduction of the cash flow. But, since there was a lot of dosh in the kitty already, there seemed no harm in keeping the public on their toes, interested and ready to invest in future wild goose chases, by means of a special Christmas video appeal. And so, the “Be Brave My Sweetheart” tape was born. Oddly, it wasn’t addressed to us, the general public, but to Maddie herself. Consistent, of course, with the McCanns’ campaign slogan “we believe, nay: we know she’s alive” yet, even if that were the case, the little girl would be unlikely to be given a chance by her captors to watch it. Tagged on to that was an appeal to whoever might be holding Maddie to get in touch with their better selves and chuck the whole thing in.

So no: the McCanns weren’t really talking to Maddie and they weren’t really talking to anyone they think may be holding the girl captive. They were, in fact, talking to us after all. Could we please help them keep the show on the road and the circus going until she’s back or buried? My answer is: no. What we need is closure. The thing must now be declared over and done with and everyone, the McCanns first and foremost, must get on with their lives. If Maddie should, at some point, turn up alive that would be both miraculous and -depending on the state she’d be in- marvelous. Until then there’s only one sensible position to take: she’s dead. No need to throw more good money after bad.



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    IRONSIDE said,

    Have read both articles regarding the mccanns Robert both excellent…you sum up how we all feel that this has turned into a circus,. What ever happened to little madeleine we shall never know but I have the darkest feeling that the mccanns know exactly where she is. I have read Amarals book and seen both documentaries Amarals and the fary tale of the mccanns. they have even changed the smith witness statement to suit their version,,,,I wonder what Mr Smith thinks now as he was 80% sure that it was Gerry he saw that night carrying a child….more convinced I would imagine….Anyway keep up the good work and I shall follow your blog from now on….Have a pleasant evening.

    • 2

      1alberich1 said,

      Thanks, Ironside
      I hope to comment on the latest non-developments in the McCann case in the near future, but I’m afraid Obama has to be next 🙂

  2. 3

    IRONSIDE said,

    Of course much more important…am interested in all your thoughts….Obama is your next agenda ….right will keep looking in….

  3. 4

    IRONSIDE said,

    I guess you have seen the bombshell about Duarte Levy…be interested in your comments….Seeing that we have followed him for a long time and for him now to be branded a liar is shocking or maybe not….

    17 August 2008
    Vile fantasist ties to sell ‘dynamite’ Madeleine McCann pics
    Exclusive by James Millbank
    Maddie McCann’s parents are “devastated and furious” over a cruel bid to cash in on their anguish.

    Grasping Duarte Levy demanded £50,000 for photographs he claims implicate Kate and Gerry in their daughter’s disappearance.

    The 23-stone Frenchman said the “dynamite” pictures showed Kate had changed clothes suspiciously the night Maddie vanished.


    Despicable Levy also made the ludicrous claim that the 24 photos he was peddling cast doubt on what Gerry and one of the couple’s Tapas 7 pals told Portuguese police.

    Levy, who said he had close links to the cops, bragged outrageously: “These photos are a bombshell and will force the Maddie case to be re-opened.”

    The People refused his offers to sell the pictures – and told the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell of Levy’s preposterous claims.

    Mr Mitchell branded Levy “a con man and fantastist”.

    He said: “Kate and Gerry are angry and upset that he is seeking to make money out of Madeleine – it is a disgrace.

    “They are no longer suspects and he should not be trying to tarnish their reputation. We thank The People for exposing this man.”

    A People investigator met Levy in a Brussels hotel last week. Levy said: “I will sell the photos to the highest bidder. I got hold of them through my contacts.”

    Levy – who is in his 40s and claims to have homes in Spain, Belgium and London – said he had sold pictures and stories about Maddie for tens of thousands of pounds.

    He said his new photos showed doctors Kate and Gerry, both 40, dining with their friends in Praia da Luz the night Maddie, then three, disappeared 15 months ago.

    Levy claimed that Kate and one of the Tapas 7 changed their clothes.

    He also alleged: “The photos were taken between about 8.10pm and 10.15pm and they show that the time lines made by Gerry McCann and another Tapas 7 friend are wrong.

    They are dynamite.” Levy cruelly scorned Kate and Gerry’s belief that Maddie is still alive. He said: “I believe she died in that room during an accident and then her body was moved to a flat in the town where it was kept in a freezer.”

    The claim is categorically denied by the McCanns and police produced no evidence to support the theory. Levy said the pictures were taken by a Spanish tourist whose camera was later stolen.

    He claimed a police source tipped him off after officers found the camera, which he then bought legally.

    Levy also tried to convince The People that a well-known British legal firm offered him 600,000 euros (£512,800) for the photographs.

    Bizarrely, he said he refused because the lawyers would not agree to his demand that the police should have copies of the pictures.

    He also offered The People recordings he claimed to have of the McCanns’ financial backer, double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, in a private meeting with Portuguese police.

    Mr Mitchell last night said he did not know if Kate changed her clothes and added: “If she did, so what?” He said: “It is no big deal that Mr Kennedy met the police.

    “He is interested in all – aspects of the investigation. He is a very hands-on person.”

    A friend of the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, said last night: “They have nothing to hide. It appears the Portuguese police are using Levy to leak negative material.”

    ‘Photos of couple are a bombshell…I will sell for highest offer’

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