Obama, Don’t Do Anything Stupid!

I certainly don’t wish the lady any harm, but it’s now time for Hillary Clinton to bow out gracefully and pursue some other goal in life. She’s a pretty impressive woman and, with the exception of ruling the roost at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there seems little she couldn’t achieve, either in politics or business. The desperate tenacity with which she has been hanging on in a campaign that had already seemed lost for some time evokes images of Rasputin who survived several attempts on his life. Poison didn’t do it, shooting didn’t do it, even a whack with an axe on the back of his head didn’t do it. Still he kept breathing and pretending that all was well, until they pushed his head into the Neva River; which turned out one assault too far for the durable Siberian. Today, for the Neva read: the Montana primary.

The importance of Obama’s nomination is difficult to overstate. Of course, if he doesn’t beat John McCain in November, much of the significance of this achievement will inevitably be lost and America (and with it the world) will carry on much as before. That there are still millions of American voters who find that an enticing prospect is both mystifying and deeply worrying. But look: millions of Americans now have no difficulty accepting the notion of a president of mixed race. And, to be fair, Hillary has demonstrated that the country is equally ready to welcome a woman to the Oval Office. That she is not that woman (at least not yet) is largely due to the tone of her campaign and the unstinting support of her husband. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the Clintons sit at their kitchen table tonight to review the state of affairs. “Thanks Bill”. I can almost hear the bitterness in her voice.

And that is precisely why the one mistake Barack Obama must not make is pick Hillary as his running mate. Yes, on paper this may seem an unusually powerful ticket, it might bring the party together (or not), it might give the Democrats a bigger chance to win in November than Obama would have with another vice-presidential hopeful. Still, it must not happen. I’ve been trying to imagine how, if I were Obama,  I would feel going to bed in the White House knowing that, a few miles to the northwest at Number One Observatory Circle, the most ruthlessly ambitious couple in American politics were kicking the furniture out of sheer frustration. Toss and turn all night I would, as hideous dreams would torment me.  Newsreel footage of Dallas’ Grassy Knoll and JFK’s limousine going round in my head would make me break into a cold sweat. The angry faces of the Clintons would appear to me, making hissing noises before morphing into the even angrier faces of the Macbeths. Did I say the Macbeths? No, it’s Friedrich and Ortrud from Wagner’s Lohengrin!! Help! Is that a horse’s head under the duvet?

I am, of course, not for a moment suggesting that the Clintons would ever have violence and murder on their minds. Nevertheless, putting a defeated rival in a position a mere heartbeat away from your own job -the top job- may give rise to all sorts of dark thoughts and secret wishes. No bullets would fly and no knives would go snickersnack, but as we all know: there are all sorts of ways in politics to reach your objective. Better not put temptation in people’s way.  Obama, watch your back!



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    sandrar said,

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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