Maddie McCann: She Won’t Want To Be Found

meGood to see that the Find Maddie Campaign is ticking over nicely. New suspects pop up with some regularity -most recently a British paedophile being treated for cancer in Germany, a Portuguese market trader of  “gipsy appearance”  and another British man in jail in the UK-, adverts calling on the public to keep looking (“she might be next to you”) continue to appear regularly in the British tabloid press and presumably financial contributions to the capaign fund keep flowing in. I say this (about the money) because little has recently been heard of the McCanns’ plan -first mooted in april 2008-  to write a book about their ordeal. At the time, a deal possibly worth two million pounds was mentioned, at a time when the existing Find Maddie campaign coffers were running disturbingly low.

maddie twiceStill, with their unerring talent for raising doubts in the minds of even the most sympathetic members of the public, Gerry and Kate McCann have decided to embellish the newspaper advertisement not just with the familiar picture of Maddie aged 3  but also with a computer generated image of what she might look like at the age of six. And what a lovely girl it is! Beautiful eyes, with the tell-tale mark of course, shiny hair combed back behind her ears: a picture of health and happiness. A girl that is obviously being well looked after. Every bit the Maddie we might have known today….if she hadn’t disappeared over two years ago and suffered an as yet unknown fate.

I remain unwavering in my personal conviction that little Maddie is no longer alive. How she died and at whose hands I cannot say; no theory, however outlandish, can be entirely discounted. Identifying a guilty party is well-nigh impossible in the absence of a body or a shred of forensic evidence. Any remains found could always be identified via DNA, but evidence pointing at a killer (or killers) will inevitably degenerate with the passing of time. How much time I don’t know, you’d need a trained medic to tell you that. But let’s not dwell on this, the McCanns believe Maddie is alive and that’s all we have to go on. If she is, though, then what? If indeed she was abducted by some hideous paedophile and subjected to unspeakable horror and abuse she’d be a hollow-eyed waif by now, possibly on drugs, underfed and in ill health. A far cry from the girl with the cheeky grin that the McCanns would have us believe could be Maddie as a six-year old.

So, assuming that Gerry and Kate aren’t stupid, what’s the point of the photographic update? I see two possibilities. Either the McCanns have an inkling that Maddie is indeed dead but, for their own reasons, want to keep the campaign going (you can get used to receiving big cheques in the post) or they believe that she may have been stolen to order, possibly for resale to a well-to-do childless couple. Only in a case like that is there any likelihood that she would look as hale and hearty as she obviously does in the newly concocted picture. It’s a long shot, admittedly, but stranger things have happened.Picture 035

But finding Maddie alive and well, happily living with a new family is probably the worst case scenario for the McCanns. A girl of six, who has just spent two happy years with a new identity, new family, new friends will be entirely different from the toddler left on her own in a holiday apartment in the Algarve in May 2007. At such an early age, the process of learning new things, adapting to new situations and forgetting what was takes place at breakneck speed. By now she may have no recollection of ever being called Maddie. I know what I’m talking about: when I was nine I went into hospital, I came out again nearly two years later. Older than Maddie is now, with the contact with my family intact, I still had enormous problems readjusting to life at home, fitting in and getting on with my next of kin. Not to put too fine a point on it: for a long time I felt closer to the man who, for the past eight months, had been lying in the bed next to mine than I did to my own mother. Imagine a young, impressionable child, entirely at ease in her new life, reacting to a family she hasn’t seen for over two years! Or much longer, depending on when she would be found. Gerry and Kate would be strangers to her; and disruptive, unwanted strangers at that. Claiming Maddie back in such circumstances would be a recipe for disaster.

But as I said, this is probably a fantasy scenario. Maddie McCann is dead. But until her remains are found and identified, the circus will continue. Not with my money, though.


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  1. 1

    IRONSIDE said,

    Well thank you kind sir your opinion was well worth the wait. I hope I have your permission to give your link to others who will find your blog as interesting as I do. Not just the Mccann case but your other articles.

    I was hoping that you would give us your thoughts on the Smith sighting…and the reasoning behind Mccann changing the position of the child in the statement that Smith gave..I presume you did see mccanns “reconstruction” in PDL it was so good that the actress who played Kate’s part ‘her clips ended up on the cutting room floor as mccann said they were not believable. ???????????? Did that mean that she was not as good an actress as kate I wonder…or should that be the other way around.

    My thoughts for what its worth are Mr.Smith did see Mccann that night and Tanners bundleman became a reality..Smith said he was 80% sure when he saw Mccann coming from the plane with the child held in his arms head resting on left shoulder he was sure it was the same person he had seen that night with madeleine. For me it is the only logical explanation for Mccann to change Smiths statement to match with Tanners ‘child held across both arms. All paedophiles checked out.

    The latest suspect the mccann agent tried to connect to the Yeremi Vargis case
    Kate he said and yeremis mother keep in touch. Yeremis mother went public a long time ago and said she wanted nothing to do with the mccanns who wanted
    her to go to England and make some kind of documentary on missing children. Her comment was that she did not want to make money from the loss of her son or become part of a circus. Agent Edgar has now dropped Yeremi and now say their latest suspect is wanted for paedophilia and the death of a GERMAN boy.
    Edgar said they had 7 suspects…two down five to go… the time they have gone through the rest it will be xmas just in time for the begging bowl and the latest video.

    By the way the new pack on how to find maddie is on the shopping line 1.95 or there abouts along with a very good cotton vest showing maddie at the age of 3 years….just in time for your holidays…..the article states along with the package “someone must look for madeleine” anyone but the mccanns it would seem….Happy Hunting everyone.


    • 2

      One thing is puzzling. When Dad went to check on the tots and sensed someone in the flat, why did he use the loo and leave the children with a suspected burglar the other side of the door? Me, I would have gone on the phone calling the old lady. Even if scared, finding the door ajar and believing a prowler was present, to leave the children in that circumstance is most pecuiar.

    • 3

      Una Roberts said,

      Mr. Smith, in his first description said he saw a man with SHOULDER LENGTH HAIR- which is what Jane Tanner said. Only AFTER he saw a video of Gerry Mccann getting off an aeroplane holding one of his other children, did Mr. Smith suddenly believe that man was Gerry Mccann. But, looking at the length of Gerry’s hair as he alights the plane, there is NO WAY that ANYONE COULD EVER THINK HE HAD SHOULDER LENGTH HAIR- He has a very SHORT hair-cut. The power of suggestion is incredibly strong, and I tend to think that Mr. Smith’s first description is more likely to be what he really saw- ie: A man with shoulder length hair- NOT Gerry Mccann!

  2. 4

    IRONSIDE said,

    Translation in English of Amarals book for anyone who is interested.


  3. 5

    IRONSIDE said,

    The exploitation of madeleine.

  4. 6

    Joana Morais said,

    Greene I posted your opinion article on my blog, hopefully you won’t mind. I find very interesting the approach of how Maddie would feel if alive, and how she likely would react after 2 years of being separated from her family. Unfortunately I agree with your opinion, after reading the DVD process released by the Portuguese Public Ministry, and after watching from the abnormal behaviour of the parents and tapas friends to the cadaver dogs videos, my conviction is that Maddie died in May 2007.

    thank you for your insight, and thank you Ironside for calling my attention to this space

    warm regards,


  5. 7

    IRONSIDE said,

    May as well have all the links.


    P:S: Have a great weekend.

  6. 8

    IRONSIDE said,

    Detectives are now concentrating their efforts on another suspect who was seen carrying a small child past the church in the centre of Praia da Luz.

    Irishman Martin Smith, who has been living with his family in Praia da Luz for a number of years, told detectives that the man matched the description of a suspect seen close to the holiday apartment where Madeleine had been sleeping with her younger brother and sister.

    Mr Smith and his wife and children were leaving the Kelly Bar about 20 minutes after Madeleine is believed to have been taken from her bedroom 500 metres away.

    He said that the man was not Mr Murat, whom he had known for a number of years. “If it had been him carrying the child, I guarantee I would have recognised him,” Mr Smith said.

    The description, a white man 5ft 7in (170cm) to 5ft 9in (175cm), matches that of a suspect seen walking away from the McCanns’ apartment about 9.30pm by Jane Tanner, who was on holiday with the family.


    If Tanner made the “abductor” up which I believe she did ., how could Mr.Smith describe him so perfectly to match Tanners….?

  7. 9

    gobsmacked said,

    ”But finding Maddie alive and well, happily living with a new family is probably the worst case scenario for the McCanns.”

    What a completely crazy and heartless thing to say. What the hell do you think they have been doing for the past two years? Or are you one of the nutz who think they want the money? Really, i don’t undertstand why a seeminlgy intelligent person would say such a thing.
    Presumably the Needhams are bad eggs too, because they cling to the hope their Ben is alive? This is what parents do, fgs, get over it!!

  8. 10

    gobsmacked said,

    See what you did now Greene – you attracted the Hater Crazies, the people who have been hounding this family mercilessly for the last two years. They have no shame, no insight, precious littel humanity. And if you read their god-awful webiste (all the comments here are made by peole from one forum) then you will seriously sonder what pit of depravity you have stumbled into.
    They think the family and friends are paedos, they killed her, froze her, moved her froxzen corpse after five weeks, stitched her into the body of a dead dog and incinerated her – whatever foul thing can be imagined, they give it credence.
    Anything rather than admit the flaming obvious!!

    • 11

      jo said,

      see what you did now Greene-you attracted the Defensors of 2 Child Neglectors who have been defending this pair of scumbags mercilessly for the last 2 years.
      iif you read their g-d send website then you will seriously wonder what height of truth and thinking you have stumbled to.
      They think the family and friends are involved in her death which they covered up and they are trying to unravel the truth so JUSTICE CAN BE MADE TO AN INNOCENT CHILD CALLED MADELEINE

  9. 12

    sara said,

    i would just like to comment on your story,to say it is unfair to take maddie away from a new family is wrong because if she has been with another family they had no rights to take her away from her own family and if it was your daughter you would do anything to get her back,or would you leave her with another family,i dont think so,so before you write your story you should put yourself in there shoes its there daughter not someone elses.

  10. 13

    John said,

    Evil bastard, shame on you

  11. 14

    Josephine said,

    To gobsmacked:

    You said ‘They think the family and friends are paedos, they killed her, froze her, moved her froxzen corpse after five weeks, stitched her into the body of a dead dog and incinerated her – whatever foul thing can be imagined, they give it credence.’

    Now, I have no idea what happened to Madeleine McCann. She disappeared – we know that – and there seems no more reason to assume she was abducted than to assume she died in the apartment. There is various types of evidence, but no proof that would hold up in a court of law at present.

    But, gobsmacked, I really cannot understand why you find the things you mention so unbelievable. Take one thing at a time:

    ‘They think the family and friends are paedos’ – this theory arises because two doctors who had previously holidayed with the McCanns and the Paynes gave a statement to the Leicester police, detailing behaviour which they found worrying. It does not mean any of the holiday party are paedophiles, but it does mean that two people who were on holiday with them had concerns of this nature.

    ‘they killed her’ – this theory is one that will always be discussed when a child disappears, as statistics show that harm more often comes to a child from people it knows than from strangers. It is perfectly legitimate to look at all possibilities when discussing a child’s disappearance.

    ‘froze her, moved her frozen corpse after five weeks’ – if you take the trouble to google ‘body kept in freezer’ or similar words, you’ll read of many cases where this has happened. Why does this seem to surprise you so much? Freezing a body is by no means unusual and has been used by criminals for as long as freezers have existed, so of course it’s perfectly legitimate to consider this in any discussion of the storage or disposal of a body.

    ‘stitched her into the body of a dead dog and incinerated her’ – as I’m sure you know, this theory arose from the fact that a local owner of a pet incinerator was interviewed by the Portuguese police and his premises searched, after it was alleged he had used it to cremate one or more dead dogs brought to him shortly after Madeleine disappeared. There seemed to be some confusion about whether he had cremated the dogs himself or sent them to another pet crematorium, also what checks he had done before cremating the animals (if he did the job himself). Pet crematoria have been used for human body disposal before now; there was a case last year where the boss of a pet crematorium said a man offered him £20000 to use the crematorium to incinerate a woman’s remains several years ago. If the police take these things seriously then I imagine anyone discussing a case has the right to take them seriously too. It doesn’t mean anyone actually did such a thing, just that as a theory it can be discussed.

    I have to say I find your remarks amazingly naive; you seem to think no one should discuss anything that you personally don’t agree with. A child has disappeared: it is only right that all possibilities should be examined and discussed. Would you prefer that everyone closed their minds to the reality that bad things happen in this world and that perfectly respectable people can do things that no one would ever have imagined? Madeleine McCann may have been abducted, but she may not. And if she wasn’t, then it’s only natural that all possibilities are examined, with no shilly-shallying away from discussing the things that have been done in other cases contained in police files all over the world.

  12. 15

    IRONSIDE said,

    The Needhams are not out with the begging bowl and have refused donations. Thats the difference. Once more today the Mccanns whant X amount of money from Amaral for destroying their lives. The Mccanns destroyed their owns lives with what ever happened on or around the 3rd of May 2007.

  13. 16

    WildandWise said,

    I ve followed the Madeleine McCann story right from the beginning. Agree with you 100 %. Keep up the good work.

  14. 18

    IRONSIDE said,

    Interesting article from a doctor on the lies of the mccanns.

  15. 19

    Gill said,

    Hello, I read your article with interest. I absolutely agree with what you say here. I have followed the case as much as is possible to do so, and I have been of the same opinion from quite early on in the investigation.

    Best wishes,

  16. 20

    IRONSIDE said,

    I doubt the Mccanns were very pleased when told that showing a photo of madeleine at 3 years old “was just not good enough” a new image was built of what she MAY look like now. MAY will not help the mccanns with anymore of their very suspicious sightings of madeleine. One cannot ring the police and say I MAY have seen a child that looks like the photo that MAY be what madeleine looks like now. Not the same as the early reports of madeleine sightings that all had to be checked ,of course it was never madeleine because madeleine is dead.

    One more point those that supported the Mccanns…Blair and wife, Brown and wife , Branson….it is now summer and short sleeves are on view not one of these photographed in the press are wearing the maddie wristband.

    The new vest with what maddie May look like now will soon be available for only 10.00 pounds…

    The circus goes on…

  17. 21

    IRONSIDE said,

    Nothing about the heart break they feel for madeleine…..Just Best Selling Items…….Madeleine is a Cash Cow nothing more nothing less…

  18. 22

    Jade said,

    Why does everyone think that Madeleine is dead? Don’t you people have any hope that little Maddie would be found? What about Jaycee Dugard? She was found after 18 years of being held captive by her abductor. I think that she is alive; and WILL be found someday. She may not know who she really is; but her subconscious will always know that she is Madeleine McCann. How can you people think that Maddie is the McCann’s way of getting money? How about you put yourself in their positions. It’s hard to lose a child; especially one you love very much. Maddie WILL be found. She WILL be ALIVE and she is going to have a HAPPY reunion with her family!

  19. 23

    Vicki said,

    I just came upon this site today, not really knowing anything about the Maddie McCann story. OMG, what is wrong with you people?!!? If in fact this family has nothing to be blamed for except extreme neglect, wouldn’t you do anything and everything it takes to look for your child?!?!? This is just my two-cents worth, but maybe you, dear sir author, could take the two-cents and place it towards buying a new heart or at best try to rent the emotion called empathy.

  20. 24

    Tony said,

    I find your comments on Madeleine Mcann and her parents very synical.
    I would not give up the search for one of my children.
    The Mcann’s are to applauded for keeping the media interested.
    How do think they should portray their daughter as a drugged soulless withered child, are you right in the head.
    You have no basis in fact to suggest the Mcann’s are proffiting from this awful situation,they are using every resource possible,and if that includes media money then so be it, i would steal borrow and whatever to find one of my children.
    As for leaving Madeleine alone in portugal she was no further away from them than lots of children are when sleeping in their bedrooms at home whilst their parents are in the garden,it is possible for this happen in your own home, are you really so perfect.
    The Mcann’s have to live with what happend every single day,it must haunt them to almost destruction.
    Stop being destructive and do something useful like help to find Madeleine,if she is already dead then helping to find her can help bring an end to this horrid situation and maybe those responsible,if she’s alive you will have helped in a positive way or is your ego to big to help find a little lost girl.

  21. 25

    Jenny Pearce said,

    Hi ~ my brother was involved in the search for a missing girl in South Africa about ten years ago. To our disapproval, he had approached a psychic who had told him the girl is dead, and sketched the scene of where she will be found. She was found exactly at the place the woman indicated; and subsequently he appeared on national television with his story. He became interested in the Maddie case, went to see the same psychic and she gave him the information and said that he would again find this little gir, who is dead. He does not have the financial means to get to Portugal to carry out his search, and all enquiries and offers of help to the McCanns have been received with loathing (understandably) as they are convinced she is still alive. I have confidence that my brother is correct and that he will find her. I suggested he contact the Portuguese police officer who authored a book saying Maddie is dead. His books where legally forced off the shelves. I was very perturbed when I saw that Maddie has in fact become a brand, and is generating large sums of money. At this stage, if she were my child, and there was speculation as to whether she was dead or alive, I would visit all alternatives. If someone thought they knew where her body could be found, as her mother I would want to know. At least I could then bury her with dignity, and cherish her memory knowing she is not a slave in being molested in some way. I find it odd that the McCanns wont assist my brother in finding their daughter’s body. Could it be then because as long as they insist she’s alive, there can be no murder suspect?

  22. 26

    Beattie said,

    I came upon your Blog by accident and congratulate you on your insightful
    Articles. Sadly, I too do not believe Madeleine is alive and have to wonder why the
    McCanns have received such support from people in high places. On one of their
    recent visits to Portugal they were met by British Consular Officials, they managed
    to shut Amaral down with the full co-operation of the Portugese Judiciary (so much
    for Democracy!!!!)and have made themselves Directors of the Fund which means they can be paid for all their “hard Work” and was surely never contemplated when
    the Fund was set up.

    Again, thanks for the voice of reason .

  23. 27

    iona said,

    i dont think that shes dead ,well i dont think anyone shoud give up hope, you should keep looking untill something is prooved good luck 🙂

  24. 28

    Helen Winchester said,

    I am not sure if you are a parent or not, but my guess is that you are not. I am sure the Mccanns are fully aware of the strong possibility that Madeleine is dead, but in the absense of a body, she ‘might’ also be alive. As you rightly point out, she might be a very sad and abused child by now, and nothing like the healthy image in the age-progression, and i think that’s a veryvalid point, in terms of finding her. People should be aware of the fact that her disposition is likely to be very different. But if this were a possibilty for my child, I would want to find her and then offer every possible opportunity for heailing. There have been kids like Jaycee Dougar who endured years of hideous abuse, but ‘appear’ to be healing through the love of family and friends, and hopefully some wonderful therapist! No doubt it will be a life-long struggle, but worth it from any parents point of view. I agree that Madeleine would only resemble the picture of health in the age progression image, if the people who had taken her were treating her well. But I am not sure that I could ever agree that she might be better off remaining with such a family, intact in her new identity. At the end of the day, no matter how much such people might believe they love this child, they would be bringing her up under a greater lie than anyone could ever imagine. I hear what you say about children adapting very quickly to new circumstances at such an early age, but I think that if the man in the hospital next to you as a child, had abducted you and raised you as his own, you might not have felt so close to him afterall! Children do sense things. I had a friend whose parents never told her she was adopted. She found out through someone else many years later. Apart from the anger she felt over being lied to for so long, she also expressed a great sense of relief for the missing piece of the puzzle she’d always felt was a part of her life. She never felt real. She always knew something was being kept from her, but then she’d begin to question her intuition and think she was going mad. But she wasn’t. In Madeleine;s case, the betrayal would go a great deal deeper, if she discovered that her current family had stolen her from her real one. And I don’t believe that such people could ever really be capable of any kind of genuine love. How on earth could a normal person ever justify such an action in the name of love? No matter how benign the circumstances might appear from the outside, such people would nevertheless be committing one of the worst kinds of emotional abuse imaginable. To bring up a child under that kind of level of deceit tells me that the child would be much better off with their real family, even if the transition caused a great deal of pain. And at the end of the day, whatever Kate and Gerry might have done ‘wrong’ in leaving their kids alone that night, they nevertheless strike me as two parents who would be able and willing to attend to the needs of what would clearly be a very damaged child, by doing whatever was necessary. But your point about her healthy, shiny look in the photo is totally correct. I would add that, even in the event of being fed and clothed properly, and looking healthy and shiny on the outside, her expression would be very different whatever the circumstances. Even if she’s being taken care of, something in her eyes will have died.

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